Episode 34: You say you want an evolution

This week, we talk about teaching evolution in Arizona’s public schools, the North Korea summit is off, the president fights the FBI and TUSD is in trouble.

00:40 – Two weeks away, what have we been up to?

02:25 – Taking evolution out of Arizona’s public schools.

08:40 – North Korea meeting canceled.

13:22 – The president calls for an investigation on the investigators.

17:27 – Luis hates to bring up Nazi Germany.

19:55 – What’s going on in the letters page?

20:40 – NFL plans to punish teams for kneeling players.

22:00 – A little about race.

27:00 – TUSD’s use of the teacher salary money.

29:45 – Fitz’s letter(s) of the week.

32:00 – Groovy recomendations

David loved “Deadpool 2” so much, he’s seeing it again.

Luis recommends The Washington Post’s Daily 202.

Sarah thinks you should check out “The Battered Bastards of Baseball.”

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Episode 24: Outwardly pervy

It’s Fitz’s turn to be off, so Sarah and Luis talk about Rep. Don Shooter being kicked out of the Arizona Legislature, the TUSD Board clashing over MAS and the memo that pits the Republicans vs. the FBI.

Listen and check out the show notes below.

The opening clip is from CBS 5 in Phoenix, which had a strange interview with Rep. Don Shooter.

1:00 – Members of the TUSD Board had a difference of opinion over a resolution regarding the MAS program.

10:40 – Drop the mic! Don Shooter is out of the Arizona Legislature.

22:55 – A reader chimes in on Rep. Todd Clodfelter’s appreciation of the Confederate flag.

25:50 – A brief look at Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address.

28:40 – House GOP going full steam ahead on releasing a memo critical of the FBI.

35:00 – Our groovy recommendations for the week:

Luis is still a huge fan of “The Good Place,” which ended its second season Thursday.

Sarah thinks you will enjoy Jack Black in “The Polka King.”

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