Episode 15: More turkey, less politics

Welcome to The Point Being podcast for Thanksgiving weekend.

This week, readers, Star staff and the editorial team share what they’re thankful for.

Listen and check out the show notes below.

2:00 – Reader Betty Day shares her thoughts.

2:28 – Star reporter Patty Machelor.

3:03 – Star online producer Johanna Eubank.

3:45 – Editorial cartoonist David Fitzsimmons says what he’s thankful for.

4:31 – Editorial writer Luis Carrasco.

5:45 – Editorial page editor Sarah Garrecht Gassen.

6:50 – Reader Elaine Bosman shares her love of Thanksgiving.

8:20 – Our groovy recommendations for the week:

Sarah is into the last season of “Longmire.”

Luis is finally catching up with “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Fitz is having a family Thanksgiving.

13:00 – Star senior editor Debbie Kornmiller tells us what she’s grateful for.

15:04 – Star president and publisher John D’Orlando shares his thoughts.

Thanks for listening!

15:37 – Bonus: the bus video!