Episode 19: End of year nerd alert

This week, editorial page editor Sarah Garrecht Gassen, cartoonist David Fitzsimmons and editorial writer Luis Carrasco do a quick recap of some of the year’s top stories and talk way too much about Star Wars and Doctor Who. Merry (war on) Christmas!

Listen and check out the show notes below.

1:20 – Fitz on the 2016 election.

2:00 – The year of Trump.

2:49 – Is the media at fault?

4:20 – Social media landscape.

6:35 – Ally Miller was proud to be white in 2017.

7:50 – The year of no new taxes for Tucson.

9:00 – Sen. John McCain.

12:15 – Sen. Jeff Flake.

12:50 – Local candidates lining up for 2018.

17:30 – Joe Arpaio’s pardon.

17:55 – (Short) thoughts on the Legislature.

18:30 – Fitz’s cartoon of the week.

19:15 – Letters and Republican tax bill.

27:50 – We love our letter writers.

29:40 – No spoiler talk on “The Last Jedi.”

35:09 – Groovy recommendations:

Fitz catches up on “Better Call Saul.”

Luis wants to see “The Shape of Water,” “Downsizing” and “Phantom Thread.”

Sarah waits for the new Doctor.

39:10 – We love our listeners.

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Episode 18: Reform means making it better

This week: the Democrats’ victory in Alabama, the still awful Republican tax bill and the war on Christmas heats up.

Listen and check out the show notes below.

0:45 – Republican Roy Moore loses to Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama.

6:30 – Trump insults New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and USA Today is having none of it.

8:24 – Did Gillibrand go too far calling for Sen. Al Franken’s resignation?

12:35 – The Republican tax plan and will Sarah donate her tax savings.

19:42 – The tax bill process vs. the Obamacare process.

21:25 – Fitz’s cartoon of the week.

22:03 – Thousands of people wrote letters to the editor in 2017.

24:34 – Sarah got some feedback on her “war on Christmas” column.

27:45 – Sunday’s editorial is about TUSD’s plans on what to do with University High School.

29:10 – What are we doing this weekend? As if you have to ask.

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