Episode 20: RichRod madness

Two special guests this week: Star reporter Caitlin Schmidt shares the latest on the firing of UA coach Rich Rodriguez and contributing cartoonist Michael Rule talks shop with Fitz.

Listen and check out the show notes below.

00:37 – Star reporter Caitlin Schmidt talks about the Richard Rodriguez firing, the harassment allegations against him and the latest news.

15:20 – Cartoonist Michael Rule talks about his life, his cartooning and shares some shop talk with Fitz.

30:44 – Fitz gets letters!

32:18 – Sometimes out letter writers confound us.

36:20 – Our groovy recommendations for the week:

Fitz enjoyed “The Shape of Water.”

Luis loves the Comedy Bang Bang podcast.

Sarah has gotten into the Canadian mystery writer Louise Penny.

38:35 – Sarah once got stuck in a snowbank.

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Episode 14: The Franken-Moore Scale

Welcome to The Point Being podcast for the week of Nov. 17

The Star’s editorial team (sans Fitz this week) talks about what to do now that Prop. 204 is dead, harassers and creeps, letters to the editor and the UA refusing to share information.

Listen and check out the show notes below.

0:54 – Last Sunday’s editorial and what to do now that Prop. 204 has been defeated by the voters.

2:25 – A wide ranging conversation on alleged sexual harassers and run-of-the-mill creeps. Including Don ShooterRoy MooreAl Franken and Matthew Weiner.

19:20 – A letter writer chimes in with an interesting take on Lincoln, Trump and Russia.

21:56 – Letter writer Pat Moran is grateful to have her son back from Afghanistan.

24:15 – This Sunday’s editorial concerns the University of Arizona being unwilling to share with the Star what it’s doing to train student athletes in sexual violence prevention.

28:35 – Our groovy recommendations for the week:

Luis was raised by television so it’s no wonder he likes the Raised by TV podcast hosted by Lauren Lapkus and Jon Gabrus.

Sarah is listening to Vice President Joe Biden read his book “Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose.”

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