Episode 44: Temple Grandin is no Barry Goldwater

This week, the passing of Sen. John McCain, McSally vs. Sinema (and other primary matchups), and the Invest in Ed proposition.

Fitz’s first McCain in heaven cartoon 

Fitz’s second McCain in heaven cartoon

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Episode 22: Salty racism

This week: Guest Jo-Ann Marks joins us to talk about President Trump, Jeff Flake’s Senate speech and s-hole countries.

Listen and check out the show notes below.

0:45 – Reader Jo-Ann Marks talks about herself, her love of Tucson and divisiveness in politics.

11: 40 – Sen. Flake’s speech on the free press.

15:30 – Marks, a native New Yorker, talks Trump.

18:53 – What’s Trump’s appeal to his supporters?

20:56 – Fitz’s letter of the week.

22:20 – Sarah has a voicemail she wants to share.

23:42 – Trump’s crude remarks on Haiti and Africa (Warning: McSally-brand salty language ahead).

29:20 – DACA and the government shutdown threat.

32:40 – Readers have a love/(mostly) hate relationship with Bill Walton and Sarah attempts a defense.

35:30 – Sunday’s editorial page preview.

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