Episode 18: Reform means making it better

This week: the Democrats’ victory in Alabama, the still awful Republican tax bill and the war on Christmas heats up.

Listen and check out the show notes below.

0:45 – Republican Roy Moore loses to Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama.

6:30 – Trump insults New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and USA Today is having none of it.

8:24 – Did Gillibrand go too far calling for Sen. Al Franken’s resignation?

12:35 – The Republican tax plan and will Sarah donate her tax savings.

19:42 – The tax bill process vs. the Obamacare process.

21:25 – Fitz’s cartoon of the week.

22:03 – Thousands of people wrote letters to the editor in 2017.

24:34 – Sarah got some feedback on her “war on Christmas” column.

27:45 – Sunday’s editorial is about TUSD’s plans on what to do with University High School.

29:10 – What are we doing this weekend? As if you have to ask.

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