Episode 51: Things get real

This week, Trump’s shutdown over a border wall, Rep. Finchem’s efforts to stop teachers from expressing their opinions, and a discussion on the Jan. 8 shooting and gun control gets real serious, real fast.

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Episode 28: Everyone’s for gun safety

This week, the student walkout for gun control, Rex Tillerson looks for a new job, and things are quiet on the letters to the editor front.

0:45 – Students walk out to demand gun safety.

8:40 – The Rexit: Rex Tillerson gets fired via tweet.

13:48 – Trump’s wall: Carpet sample edition.

16:00 – Letter writers are quiet, too quiet, this week.

18:50 – Fitz’s letter of the week.

21:00 – Headless Women.

23:15 – Our groovy recommendations for the week:

David has two. 1) His new book is out. 2) The 2018 Wa:k Pow Wow.

Sarah is all about The Trouble with Shannon Cason podcast and the Ear Hustle podcast.

Luis loves the second season of the Andy Daily Podcast Pilot Project.

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