Episode 28: Everyone’s for gun safety

This week, the student walkout for gun control, Rex Tillerson looks for a new job, and things are quiet on the letters to the editor front.

0:45 – Students walk out to demand gun safety.

8:40 – The Rexit: Rex Tillerson gets fired via tweet.

13:48 – Trump’s wall: Carpet sample edition.

16:00 – Letter writers are quiet, too quiet, this week.

18:50 – Fitz’s letter of the week.

21:00 – Headless Women.

23:15 – Our groovy recommendations for the week:

David has two. 1) His new book is out. 2) The 2018 Wa:k Pow Wow.

Sarah is all about The Trouble with Shannon Cason podcast and the Ear Hustle podcast.

Luis loves the second season of the Andy Daily Podcast Pilot Project.

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Episode 27: Lick the page

This week, the latest on Sean Miller and a few thoughts on gun control.

1:12 – Sean Miller and the fate of the UA’s men’s basketball program.

9:13 – Rich Rodriguez responds to accusations of sexual harrasment.

15:15 – Fitz’s gum problem.

16:10 – Fitz’s letter of the week.

18:35 – What are people talking about in the letters to the editor? Miller and guns.

19:15 – Arming teachers, the NRA, and changes by Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

32:17 – Bang, bang brodown.

34:50 – Men, amIright?

37:20 – Weekend breakdown.

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Episode 10: Set phasers to gun control

Welcome to The Point Being podcast for the week of Oct. 6

The Star editorial team — editor Sarah Garrecht Gassen, cartoonist David Fizsimmons and editorial writer Luis Carrasco — talk about the latest on the Las Vegas shooting, sensible gun control efforts, politely interacting with readers and Sarah weighs in on the great Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate.

Listen and check out the show notes below.

1:00 – What happened in Las Vegas and our call for gun control.

10:00 – Discussion of the guest columns by Ken Reineer against gun control and Suzi Hileman calling for an end to gun violence.

17:27 – Fitz does a dramatic interpretation of an exchange he had with a reader and the team talks about how they deal with critical responses.

23:45 – What’s are letter writers talking about this week? Guns. But there seems to be an interesting shift in the conversation.

28:00 – Sunday editorial page preview.

30:40 – Our groovy recommendations for the week:

Fitz is doing a car show this weekend in support of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

Luis wants you to see “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and listen to “Assassins” (which leads to more about guns and naming shooters).

Sarah wants listeners to watch “Star Trek: Discovery” even though she’s a Star Wars fan all the way.

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