Episode 26: Cloudy with a chance of despondency

This week, the shooting in Florida, immigration collapse in the Senate, and supervisors take another shot at Stonegarden funds.

00:40 – It’s been a sad depressing week.

00:55 – The shooting in Parkland, Florida.

10:50 – DACA relief efforts fell apart Thursday.

23:30 – Fitz’s letter of the week.

24:50 – Letter writers don’t like the Pima County Board of Supervisors leaving money on the table.

29:20 – Our groovy recommendations:

Luis loved “The Florida Project.”

David thinks the Animated “Hamilton” is pretty cool.

Sarah has a lighthearted time with the Watergate podcast “Slow Burn.”

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Episode 21: The jerk files

This week: Joe Arpaio’s Senate run, DACA complications, Medicaid work requirements and Rich Rodriguez.

Listen and check out the show notes below.

1:00 – Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants to be a Senator. This puts him on a collision course with Kelli Ward and Martha McSally.

6:50 – Sarah reads a snippet of the editorial board’s repudiation of Arpaio as a candidate.

10:00 – The latest on DACA and McSally’s co-sponsored immigration bill, the Securing America’s Future Act.

16:40 – The Trump administration will allow states to impose a work requirement for Medicaid and Arizona is ready to go.

22:40 – Fitz’s letter of the week.

25:23 – Sports editor Ryan Finley will address questions about the Sports section and its coverage of Rich Rodriguez in a Sunday column.

27:00 – On being a coach and being a jerk.

28:27 – Did you know the devil wears Prada?

29:54 – A preview of Sunday’s editorial pages.

32:40 – Our groovy recommendations:

Fitz is looking forward to “The Post” and “I, Tonya.”

Luis wants to check out “Follies” at The Loft.

Sarah loves Elaine Stritch and the documentary on the Broadway leagend “Elaine Stricth: Shoot Me.

Fitz (again) urges everyone to check out the Tucson Jazz Festival.

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