Episode 8: Quotation marks are like hugs

Welcome to The Point Being podcast for the week of Sept. 22.

Conservative columnist Jonathan Hoffman joins the Star editorial team — editor Sarah Garrecht Gassen, cartoonist David Fizsimmons and editorial writer Luis Carrasco — to talk politics.

This week’s podcast includes discussion of Amazon’s thanks-but-no-thanks to the Tucson saguaro, what’s going on the editorial pages and health care, health care, health care.

Listen and check out the show notes below.


1:42 – The Amazon saguaro saga continues.

4:50 – Gov. Ducey’s push to remove criminal history questionfrom state job applications.

10:02 – David Fitzsimmons is back from vacation. He talks Cartoon of the Week and how his cartoons sometimes talk back.

12:50 – What’s are star letter writers excited about this week? Two words: health care. Be it the proposed Medicaid work requirement (13:00) or the Cassidy-Graham bill (20:30).

32:46 – Letter writer Sherry Steele chimes in on health care issues for poor Arizonans.

38:47 – Preview of the weekend’s editorial pages.

42:05 – Our groovy recommendations for the week:

Fitz is enjoying the Ken Burns’ documentary on the Vietnam War and David Simon’s new HBO show “The Deuce.”

Luis thinks we should all visit “The Good Place.”

Jonathan is all about Hermann Hesse and British gangster movie “Layer Cake.”

Sarah shows them all off by talking about social science researcher Brené Brown. Here’s the TED Talk she mentions.

Thanks for listening!

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