Episode 2: Rainbow potholes

Welcome to the editorial page podcast for Friday, Aug. 11.

This week’s episode includes:

0:40 – Discussion on the Star’s editorial on NAFTA.

05:07 – Why Tom Tronsdal was endorsed by the Star for the Ward 3 Democratic primary (no matter how well Felicia Chew can sing).

08:23 – Fitz’s favorite cartoon of the week and how he comes up with ideas.

11:25 – What are our letter writers talking about this week, with a shoutout to the Fourth Avenue Rainbow Crosswalk and Lisa Frank.

15:27 – Letter writer of the week Rosalie Wright reads one of her letters to the editor and talks about why she thinks President Trump is doing a good job.

19:55 – Fitz’s Drama Corner brings another piece of “fan” mail to life.

22:55 – What are we readingwatching or playing this week, that we think you should too.

27:13 – What’s coming up in the Sunday editorial and Sarah’s Sunday column.